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Environmental Resource Lab Pack and project management - colorful chemicals inside of different sized glass containers


Lab Pack & Special Project Management

We manage all types of projects for our clients, and are confident we can do the same for your business. From lab packing to special projects, we've got it handled.

Lab Pack Services

Our lab pack services consist of the collection of small containers of hazardous products that can't be transported without re-packaging. We list each item and collect containers in pails/drums. This allows the containers to remain isolated from one another and ensure safe transportation.

Lab Pack - different chemicals in various colored glass containers seperately placed in blue drum container with sand-like material keeping them secure and separated

Our Chemists are able to provide quick, on-site identification of the exact nature of waste and disposal options, to ensure proper, documented removal.

Special Project Management

We know how to employ the best practices and affordable techniques for handling your environmental project in the most responsible manner. You get the expertise you need to manage your project from start to finish. 

Special Project Management - two people in hardhats and safety vests smiling and shaking hands with two business people in business casual clothing

We work with you on-site to develop the best solution to spills, cleanup projects, remediation, recycling, and other specialty removal activities. As the single point of contact, we deliver these solutions from our network of recycling, transportation and disposal facilities.

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