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Empty Proprietary packaging components recycling - shows person holding box full of different empty personal care product containers


Empty Proprietary Packaging Components Recycling

The Personal Care industry has faced criticism for everything from how they produce and handle their products, to the packaging they use. The pressure to be environmentally conscious is rapidly growing. Companies are challenged to shift their processes, ingredients and packaging to earth-friendly options. 

Unpacking Sustainability

Beauty shot of 16 different personal care products by Aveda, an Environmental Resource client

When it comes to protecting the planet, choosing Sustainable Packaging from the start is the way to go. The most common sustainable materials are post-consumer recycled packaging. This method uses recycles items like cardboard boxes, folding cartons, plastic bottles, paper, glass, aluminum and more.

We recycle unused or expired empty proprietary packaging components without spending time, money, and energy separating each category. Our program includes transportation and sorting of mixed loads from your dock or third party warehouse. 

picture of a orange and black forklist in a warehouse full of boxes of products

Your shrink-wrapped pallets go directly to the end recycler who sorts, bales, and molds into a variety of new items of all shapes and sizes. 

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