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Image shows store shelves full of cosmetics, beauty and personal care products illustrating the types of products Environmental Resource recycles/destroys for brands


Certified Secured Finished Goods Destruction

Secure disposal prevents expired, or off-specification products from being remarketed by ensuring products are permanently destroyed; protecting your brand, trademarks, patents, and reputation. 

Secured Destruction Programs

Waste-to-Energy Recycling

Reducing risk and liability, while generating clean, renewable energy

Waste-to-Energy recycling - shows west palm beach waste to energy recycling plant, without pollution
Waste to Energy Recycling - lightbulb with tree, clouds, and grass inside with windmills in the back ground illustrating how energy can be made from waste

Certified Destruction

Cradle to grave | Same-day, immediate crushing service

Certified Destruction - yellow tractor with notched, crushing metal tires and a grated loader in front pushing dirt
Certified Destruction - Simi Valley Landfill with green fields, rows of dirt and windmills in the background

Trust Environmental Resource with expired products like

Skin Care - image shows skin care containers without labels on white background and green thyme at the top

Skin Care

Lotion, cream, face serum, exfoliator, moisturizer, sunscreen, face masque

Cosmetics - makeup products and brushes fanned out on cream background, without labels


Lipstick, lip balm, lip liner, foundation, mascara

Oral Care - Toothpaste, toothbrushes and floss on a light background with green leaves decorating the shot

Oral Care

Toothpaste, mouth wash, dental care products

Hair Care - woman's arms holding up pump hair care product and squeezing it into her outstrecheed palm

Hair Care

Shampoo, conditioner,

hair gel

Hand Sanitizer - person squeezing drops of hand sanitizer into their palm from a small clear bottle

Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol-based sprays, gels

Body Care - Bath tub with jar of body balm on shelf with magazine over tub

Body Care

Body wash, bath scrub

Fragrances - Different color-tinted clear fragrance bottles overlapping each other, without labels


Perfume, eau de toilette, cologne, pillow spray

Making Green work for you at every stage

Waste to energy recycling and destruction chart - shows how waste recycling and destruction can be done in environmentally friendly ways at all stages of the product lifecycle
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